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The BunkerStacker3750 is the latest generation KE self-propelled drive over hopper that delivers grain at 750 TPH on the belt, reducing truck wait times and lowering customer operating costs.

Proven ability to deal with wheat, canola, lentils, barley and several other agricultural products.

  • Self-propelled riding on eight all terrain tyres and operated from a central drive platform.

  • A narrow wheel to wheel footprint ensures that the machine is able to service bunkers that are tightly packed and with as little as 14 metres between them.

  • The hopper features a full six metre dumping area and is approached via wide tracked gently sloping ramps that mean double and triple semi-trailer configurations are easily accommodated.

  • Simple to use controls including pendant operation of the multi-directional best-in-class ‘horsehead’ discharge chute to make trimming the bunker easy.


  • Self-propelled and controlled from operator platform situated at Underbelly Belt Conveyor (UBB)

  • DOH, UBB frame and Stacker modules all lock together so the machine can be operated and driven as a single unit

  • Genset powers all modules and can be configured

  • to power a KE BunkerSweeper as well

  • Stacker mounted genset hydraulically slides out for easy maintenance

  • Fully enclosed genset for dust and noise control

  • All drives are electrically powered with separation of the DOH, UBB and Stacker modules made easy with plugged connections

  • Suitable for wheat and canola

  • Hydraulic jacks on DOH and Stacker for levelling machines

  • Fully gridded 6m DOH deck allowing “dump and go”

  • Pendant controls on Stacker

  • Fire extinguishers provided

  • Truck dump and go

  • Easy to operate

  • Simple to maintain

BunkerStacker3750 CAD (side view)

BunkerStacker3750 CAD (top view)


Dump & Go - Drive Over Hopper

Stacker filling temporary storage

All terrain tyre